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A-Frames  -  Also known as sandwich boards
Corflute Insert A Frame:   Black Frame 900x600
Sign White Colourbond:   Black Frame 900x600
Black Frame 900x1200 with wheels





card-Acrylic, which is also known as Perspex and Plexiglass is the most commonly used product for custom fabrication of display and point of sale items.
As the largest stockist of plastics on the Central Coast Fairlite Plastics boasts a comprehensive range of acrylic sheet sizes gauges and colours.-

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acpAlso known as "Alupanel" "Alucobond" "DiBond"

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) or Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) consists of a thermoplastic polyethylene core that is sandwiched between two outer flat aluminium panels.
The polyethylene core is bonded between the two aluminium sheets, providing a very light-weight, flat, smooth, and strong rigid sheet.

Our ACP sheets are generally coated with a gloss polyester paint, available as a single-sided or double sided sheet and in a range of colours.

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A Bucket, Crate and Tub to Suit every Application:   At Fairlite Plastics we stock a large range of materials and food handling storage equipment for both domestic and commercial use.

Stack `n` Nest:  Made from durable Polypropylene these crates will stand up to the toughest conditions in both domestic and commercial applications


Fishing Range:  Made from HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene ) Available in 3 colours, blue, red & white and meet food grade standards.  These crates are a tough and durable and will outlast cheap imitations. 


Clear range: Made from Clear Polypropylene these Stacking and Nesting crates are the universal, multipurpose, use - it - anywhere crate.  For when you need to see what’s inside!


Enviro Range: Made from Recycled material these Stacking, Nesting and Fish crates are durable and affordable.
•    For use where food grade is not required ie, fish scraps, bait storage, garden beds and compost to name a few.  
•    Great for equipment storage ie, camping, pets and equestrian, automotive, general recreation.


Pails: Made from Polypropylene these durable pails come in 4 great sizes – white only


Skates: Made from recycled Polypropylene these heavy duty skates come with load bearing capacity.

Figure 1: Food Grade & Stainless Steel Castors Figure 2: Recycled PP and Zinc Plate Castors

Coreflute is a single process extruded polypropylene sheet consisting of two flat sheets connected by parallel ribs. This unique hollow board is the perfect lightweight signage sheet most typically used for real estate signs.

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A Plastic to Suit every Application. At Fairlite Plastics we stock a large range of engineering and special-use plastics in both sheet and

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) ( "Polystone")

(Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) (" TIVAR", "Ralloy", " Wearex", "Polystone 7000") ( available in Sheet and Rod )


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dummyOften used as an alternative to glass polycarbonate has become the product of choice in Architectural glazing. With 250 times the impact strength of glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic polycarbonate delivers added protection against vandalism and burglary.

Grades available: GP / UV2 / MR10 / SG

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Trade Name: STYROBOARD®  Styroboard® is a closed cell light weight cellular plastics material produced from polystyrene (polymerized styrene).

Acoustic Properties: Styrobaord® is a closed cell structure, offering limited absorption of airborne sound.

Thermal Properties: Styrobaord® has exceptional thermal properties / does not contain CFS’s or any other gas that may leak out, it will not harm the ozone layer or decreaseinsulation properties

Moisture Resistant: Styroboard® has exceptional moisture resistance, and can withstand the effects of temperature cycling, thereby providing long term performance in low temperature applications - such as freezer walls.

Toxicity: CSIRO report comments that the toxicity of the gases associated with the burning of EPS is no greater than that associated with timber.

Combustibility: As with all organic material, EPS insulation products must be considered combustible and to constitute a fire hazard if improperly used or installed.  EPS products should not be exposed to open flames or other ignition sources.

SL :   -        Packaging / Insulation / Construction / Model Making / Display
H :    -        Construction / Set Building / Signage /  Display

Standard sheet size 2450x1200 (subject to stock availability)
Cutting charges apply


Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Profiles ( coverage 760mm )

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colours are indicative only – varying light and heat transmission, more colours available upon request- call our sales team 02 4325 1434


Heat Reducing Sheets
Pearl Ice & Silver Mist
Corrugated and Greca profiles only



Roofing Accessories

Eave Infill Strips Flashing Back Channel Flashing

Noise Stop Tape One Shot Screws
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