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A Bucket, Crate and Tub to Suit every Application:   At Fairlite Plastics we stock a large range of materials and food handling storage equipment for both domestic and commercial use.

Stack `n` Nest:  Made from durable Polypropylene these crates will stand up to the toughest conditions in both domestic and commercial applications


Fishing Range:  Made from HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene ) Available in 3 colours, blue, red & white and meet food grade standards.  These crates are a tough and durable and will outlast cheap imitations. 


Clear range: Made from Clear Polypropylene these Stacking and Nesting crates are the universal, multipurpose, use - it - anywhere crate.  For when you need to see what’s inside!


Enviro Range: Made from Recycled material these Stacking, Nesting and Fish crates are durable and affordable.
•    For use where food grade is not required ie, fish scraps, bait storage, garden beds and compost to name a few.  
•    Great for equipment storage ie, camping, pets and equestrian, automotive, general recreation.


Pails: Made from Polypropylene these durable pails come in 4 great sizes – white only


Skates: Made from recycled Polypropylene these heavy duty skates come with load bearing capacity.

Figure 1: Food Grade & Stainless Steel Castors Figure 2: Recycled PP and Zinc Plate Castors