Polycarbonate (Lexan)
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Polycarbonate (Lexan)

Often used as an alternative to glass polycarbonate has become the product of choice in Architectural glazing. With 250 times the impact strength of glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic polycarbonate delivers added protection against vandalism and burglary.

Grades available: GP / UV2 / MR10 / SG

Typical Properties:

  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Excellent light transmission and clarity
  • Higher Insulation properties than glass
  • Greater sound reduction than glass
  • Flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • Formable


  • Expansion clearance must be allowed for
  • Scratches easily
  • Windows, sloped and vertical glazing
  • Skylights and barrel vaults
  • Balustrades
  • Patio enclosures / roofs/ covered walkways and canopies
  • Sound barriers
  • Signage


Clear UV SQM 2440x1220 2440x1830 3050x2030
1mm   greentick    
1.5mm   greentick    
2mm   greentick    
3mm greentick greentick greentick greentick
4.5mm greentick greentick greentick greentick
6mm greentick greentick greentick greentick
9.5mm greentick greentick greentick greentick
Opal/Grey Tint        
3mm   greentick    
4.5mm   greentick   greentick
6mm   greentick    

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