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Trade Name: STYROBOARD®  Styroboard® is a closed cell light weight cellular plastics material produced from polystyrene (polymerized styrene).

Acoustic Properties: Styrobaord® is a closed cell structure, offering limited absorption of airborne sound.

Thermal Properties: Styrobaord® has exceptional thermal properties / does not contain CFS’s or any other gas that may leak out, it will not harm the ozone layer or decreaseinsulation properties

Moisture Resistant: Styroboard® has exceptional moisture resistance, and can withstand the effects of temperature cycling, thereby providing long term performance in low temperature applications - such as freezer walls.

Toxicity: CSIRO report comments that the toxicity of the gases associated with the burning of EPS is no greater than that associated with timber.

Combustibility: As with all organic material, EPS insulation products must be considered combustible and to constitute a fire hazard if improperly used or installed.  EPS products should not be exposed to open flames or other ignition sources.

SL :   -        Packaging / Insulation / Construction / Model Making / Display
H :    -        Construction / Set Building / Signage /  Display

Standard sheet size 2450x1200 (subject to stock availability)
Cutting charges apply